We are all different. Scattered amongst us are all the qualities as well as quirks of contemporary living - we all have families to care for, we come from different parts of the globe, we have our favourite pastimes to indulge in and dreams to catch, all the while balancing a passion for our professional lives.


At Dickson Rothschild this diversity underpins our success because – in collaboration with our clients – we are in essence a people business.  Everyone on the team brings distinctive skillsets and applied intelligence to their roles as part of a shared belief that inspiration is fuelled by collaboration.  And quite simply, because everyone loves what they do for a living, everyone contributes to the inspired solutions we achieve. 


“The Dickson Rothschild ethos is the key to the teams success and sustainability. Within my first weeks I learned we don’t work for our clients, we work with them. Nigel is an inspirational and trustworthy leader who provides vision, leadership and motivation to drive organisational change.”

Sarah James, Marketing & Human Resource Coordinator


“The tenacity, creativity and optimism shown by the people here help create opportunities on even the most constrained sites. That has been the biggest learning curve from my time at DR. “

Rupert Luxton, Planner


“Dickson Rothschild is a multicultural boutique practice with a great working environment. It’s a fast pace office that makes your daily tasks a challenge, pushing you hard to meet the client’s expectations with design excellence at all times.

Daniel Covarrubias, Designer